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Director’s biography:

„I was born in Tehran in a family involved with Theatre and Music but was encouraged to follow science as my parents thought there will be no place for a woman in the field of Art in Iran. I loved to spend most of my time reading and listening to music to a point that seemed too much to others . I was dreaming to become a writer director and possibly even act when I grew up. But it was all in my head - all this were just out of hands and no relation to what I was surrounded by . Everything was shut down and many had left the country – other artists were just sitting at home. At this time I was going to learn music and was student of Mahmoud Tadjbakhsh one the masters of Se tar (Old Iranian string instrument). I didn’t like what was going on outside, I used to surround myself with books and music. Later and as a teenager I forced my parents to send me to study abroad, and so eventually I ended up in England.
In London at first I went to study Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, but soon I dropped these subjects and instead took Photography Design and also Classical Persian Literature at college “.

Torang Abedian has a BA (hons) in Contemporary Media Practice (film & video) from Westminster University. She has made few short films and has worked on many other projects in the field of film and music. She moved back to live in Tehran in 2003 when she began making Not an illusion. In 2006 she was selected as part of the mentoring program in the field of documentary films at The Hospital Club in London. Her mentor was Christopher Hird.

Some of her work include :
Assistant director and Photographer on Favorite and Point Taken“, Fiction, directed by John Mc Kay - NFTS projects. Camera person on Open city - documentary , directed by by Mitra Mansoori in Bam-Iran , and on A simple lawyer - documentary - about Shirin Ebadi -directed by Bani Khohnudi- Article Z France. She is the director of the audio book of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho in Farsi.

Short films made between 1995 and 2002 

The lost frontier - video - 7 min. Fiction A teenager girl in London with Rocker friends, smoking dope in hiding, and hating to be home because living in a traditional religious family is very complicated.
The second street 16 mm - 5 min. Fiction / Experimental,
An unknown woman walking in a long corridor, she opens each door and sees a woman in differed situation, the different parts of her identity, some given to her in Iranian society....

One day – video - 10 min. - Fiction. A young girl, who loves Painting, has to work in a department store. Board and annoyed by the atmosphere of the Job, she falls into her own world and for moments everything gets surreal.

We’ll go back - 16 mm - Documentary - 8 min.
About few Iranian immigrants and refugees, their life in London, why they left but all hoping to return to their homeland one day.

Cheese Mania - 16 mm - 15 min. Docudrama (co-director Irene Vachlioti). About how cheese is made combined with the legend of how cheese was found in the first place .... four kind of different cheese mozzarella, brie, camembert and feta / Tabriz singing together .

Perpetual being – video - 40 min. Documentary.
A young theatre group in Tehran manages to get permission and perform “Sohrab, Horse and Dragon fly”, the last play of Bijan Mofid, on stage. For almost 26 years after the revolution the name and work of Bijan Mofid, the famous Iranian play writer, director and actor was banned


Na Yek tavahom – Not an illusion Production: 2003-2009 (duration: 85 min.)

NOT AN ILLUSION is a film about the life, struggle and hope of women and alternative musicians in Iran.

This documentary film is her first debut. It was premiered at 33 Sao Paulo International film Festival in Oct 2009. www.notanillusion.com
Director /Producer: Torang Abedian
Camera: Turaj Aslani
Supervising Editor: Michael Hudecek
Edit:Torang Abedian, Rouhi Rezaie
Associate Producer: Christopher Hird
Music: Mohsen Namjoo – Piccolo Band- Reza Tajbakhsh
Sound: Mahmoud Khorsand
Sound Mix: Christofer Frank
Nuts Films with support of Gams Film & Music and Offline Film Editing